FCTB, is promoting tax awareness, research, education & Training, motivation and development. As a non-profit organization FCTB is  trying to provide their members tax awareness free training and  tax education. Also FCTB assists them to be an expert of Income Tax, VAT & Customs management. FCTB also assists their members to submit tax return properly and effectively to the tax authorities. As you are a member of FCTB your benefits are………………..

  • Keep up to date about Taxation……….
  • Maximize your knowledge……….
  • Enhance your status……….
  • Contribute to the profession……….
  • Develop your career……….
  • Access to services ……….
  • Attend CPD of Taxation


FCTB is a premier tax awareness organization in Bangladesh. FCTB will be updated their members with latest local and international tax developments and issues. If you are interested touch with to join with FCTB through your membership you will become an integral part of FCTB that is raising the understanding of taxation in Bangladesh. Membership is only open to prescribed and eligible categories. Acceptance to membership is entrusted to FCTB Membership Committee who ensures that the entry criteria as laid down in the FCTB’s Code of Conduct are strictly adhered to.


  • Remain up to date regarding income tax, VAT, Supplementary Duties (SD) and Customs Act.
  • Online tax learning portal and tax return preparation database access any time any where.
  • Tax consultation services, return fill up procedures, documentations, submission and legal support.
  • Tax education on campus, online and distance learning with latest and updated issues.
  • Maximization of knowledge in taxation by attending CPD (Continuous Professional Development).
  • Enhancing status by tax education, tax knowledge and tax research for development of country.
  • Contribute to the profession as a resources persons or tax consultant for tax and research activities.
  • Development of career by sharing the knowledge and practice with big network local & globally.
  • Work facilities through FCTB full time or part time or freelance consultancy in taxation matters.
  • Members will be informed by the office of FCTB any updated issues regarding taxation matters.

If you are interested to know about Membership Please E-mail to us: