About - The Foundation of Chartered Taxation of Bangladesh

To Promote and Increase Tax Awareness Countrywide for Strengthening Tax Net and Increase the Revenue of Bangladesh to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Vision 2021 and 2041……………………….

We do believe that through our combined, effective and united efforts, Bangladesh is gradually moving to meet the vision 2021 and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). On the other hand Bangladesh has turned to a middle income country from a least developed country. But without increasing the revenue of Bangladesh we cannot achieve the desired economic development and sustainable progress. In this regard, FCTB has taken significant and time demand activities of Tax Awareness Program. FCTB Campaign stands for Tax Awareness, Tax Research, Tax Development and Tax Education & Training. The objectives of the campaign are to enhance public awareness for marginal and potential taxpayers to facilitate and to guide them, motivate them and entering them into tax net of the country. An independent and expert research will also be carried out from the secondary and primary data under this campaign to identify sector and income wise impact including challenges, probability and prospects of government’s revenue increase. We professionals from FCTB believes that this Tax Awareness Program at the root level Campaign initiative will bring positive impact to increase tax net and taxpayers.

FCTB is a “social organization not for profit” and is registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 with the registrar of Joint Stock Companies & Firms headed by Ministry of Commerce. The legal structure of FCTB, Advisory Board and Executive Council allows authority to undertake programs increasing tax awareness, tax research, development, education and training implementing them throughout the country and manage its affairs as social organization.